I was bored the other night, so I decided to get a little friendly with Illustrator. I went through a few short tutorials and made these lovely gears.


I like gears..

I was so proud of my tiny accomplishment that I decided to make a sign! 

Gear Sign

As you can see from the pic, I also discovered the 3D tools in the process :D

But what good are gears if they dont move?? My interest in the mechanical arts soon led me into other Adobe products, and I found myself today playing with animation in After Effects.

My first attempt here was a little primitive as it was based primarily off a tutorial I found online. Still, I kind of like how it turned out (it kind of has an “application splash screen” vibe going on). And it got me comfortable enough with the basic tools of the program to replicate it with my drawings


again I say



After a long period of deliberation trying to decide what this blog should be about, I have finally made a decision. It will be about what ever the hell I feel like!!

I will post what interests me and may or may not comment on it. So yea